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Office Hours

Mon-Fri                                   8:30-4:30

Closed for lunch                   12:00-1:00

Sat & Sun                                     Closed

PH: 705.864.0210

FAX: 705.864.0149

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Virtual Nurse Practitioner Appointments
STOP Smoking Program
Are you interested in getting more active?
Do you need to meet with your specialist through OTN?
Are you a senior looking for support, education & community engagement?
Chapleau Prenatal Program

Do you need your flu shot?
Well baby & Immunizations
A happier life through mental health counselling!
Applying for A Family Physician

Do you need your B12 injection or an adult immunization?
Heart Health!  What is your hearts true age?
Specialty clinics held at the CDFHT
Have you recently been discharged from the Hospital?

COVID-19 Updates


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